Jan. 27, 2018              Critical Incident Report Form

The Board has adopted the Critical Incident Report form and policy as a new practice standard. The Critical Incident Report is a new, additional quality assurance tool. Its purpose is to ensure that the College is made aware of potentially serious events in order to ascertain if changes ought to be implemented in a practice in order to prevent a recurrence. See the Critical Incident Report Form.

Jan. 27, 2018              Safety & Emergency Preparedness Policy

The Board has adopted the Safety and Emergency Preparedness policy as a new practice standard. The purpose is to protect patients and staff by ensuring that basic emergency and safety measures and equipment are in place in every podiatric practice facility. See the Safety & Emergency Preparedness Policy.

Jan. 1. 2018              College Board Changes

The Board’s membership has undergone changes. Drs David Brooks and Jaspaul Riar have stepped away from the Board and Drs Hiedi Postowski and Julie Yee are appointed in their stead. Dr. Dana Alumbaugh is now the Acting Chair of the Board. See more about the Board.

Oct. 14, 2017              2017 Annual Report

The CPS-BC 2017 Annual report is now available. The theme is ‘access to care’. See the Annual Reports page.

July 29, 2017              Board Approves Revised College Bylaws

The Board has approved extensive revisions to the College bylaws.  The bylaws must be submitted to the Minister of Health and publicly posted on the website for the notification period required by the Minister. The proposed revised bylaws will be posted shortly.

July 29, 2017              College Implements an Annual Self-Assessment Checklist for the QA Program

The Board has added a new component to the College’s Quality Assurance Program with the Self-Assessment Checklist.  The self-assessment relates to practice facility conditions and will be an annual requirement for registration. See the Self Assessment.

July 29, 2017              Delegation of Orthotic Work-Up Tasks Prohibited

The Board has clarified that certain orthotics-related tasks – casting, scanning and assessment – cannot be delegated to non-podiatrists.  Read more.

July 17, 2017              2017 Board Election Results

The 2017 Board Election is concluded; Dr. Gavin Chalmers DPM is elected by acclamation to a second term. See more.

April 29, 2017            College Anti-Discrimination Policy Adopted

The Board adopted a corporate policy aimed at preventing discrimination on the part of the College in any of its processes.  It enshrines the College commitment to fair, objective and judicious decision-making in all regulatory functions and excludes any arbitrary or unjust treatment of any kind toward any individuals.  See the Anti-Discrimination policy.

April 29, 2017            Six Point Plan adopted by Board for Fostering Cultural Sensitivity and Safety

The College has adopted a 6-point plan to further the commitment of the declaration signed by the health regulators on March 1, 2017.  Read more.

April 29, 2017            New Practice Standard: Access to Care

The Access to Care policy is a new practice standard.  Inspired by and partly modeled on a similar policy of the College of Physicians and Surgeons; the policy’s purpose is to protect patients from arbitrary refusal of care, without impeding a practitioner’s right and ability to make legitimate practice choices.  See the Access to Care policy.

April 29, 2017            New Practice Standard: Mandatory Stocking of Epinephrine

The Practice Facility Standards are amended by the Board to require that every podiatric practice facility stock epinephrine for staff’s ready access and use in anaphylaxis emergencies.  Read more.

April 29, 2017            New Practice Standard: Weekly Biologic Indicator Testing of Autoclave Function

The Foot Care Instruments Sterilization Standards are amended to require that all podiatric practices conduct biological indicator (spore) testing on a weekly rather than monthly basis.  Read more.

March 1, 2017            A Declaration to Foster Cultural Sensitivity and Safety

A declaration signed by the CPS-BC and BC’s other health regulatory colleges calls for each to take steps to do the following to improve cultural safety within their profession: 1) create a climate for change, 2) engage and enable stakeholders, and 3) implement and sustain change.   Some BC citizens still experience systemic racism and discrimination that lead to barriers to patient access to appropriate care.  The regulators have stepped up to help propagate the environment and attitudes that will encourage change among all health professionals.  Read more.

Feb. 10, 2017              The Board has a new public member.

A new public member is appointed to the Board.  The College welcomes Mr. Ken Stewart of Kelowna.  Mr. Stewart replaces the late Mr. Sandy Gray.

Dec. 1, 2016                Board Strongly Recommends Stocking of Naloxone

The College Board strongly recommends that all podiatric practices stock Naloxone.  Naloxone is available outside of pharmacies without a prescription. For more information and resources, see the College of Pharmacists of BC website.

June 4, 2016               New Corporate Policy – Board Meeting Rules

The Board has adopted new detailed Board Meeting Rules.  These rules contain requirements for notice and publication of meeting information, the holding of in camera discussions, requesting permission to attend or make submissions at meetings of the Board, and dealing with repetitive requesters.  See the Board Meeting Policy.

June 4, 2016               Amended Leaving Practice Guidelines

The Ceasing Practice Guidelines are now revised and renamed ‘Leaving Practice’ Guidelines.  They set out the various primary issues and important notifications to be addressed when a practitioner leaves a practice, in order to ensure continuity of patient care and safekeeping, integrity and availability of patients’ personal information and records. See the Leaving Practice Guidelines.

June 4, 2016               New Practice Standard on Ending Practitioner – Patient Relationship

The Board adopted a new standard dealing with ending the practitioner-patient relationship.  It is in the patient’s interest to end a relationship that is no longer effective or therapeutic. The policy includes reasonable notice, avoiding compromise to the patient’s well-being and security of access to records. See the new policy.

June 4, 2016               New Practice Standard on Emailing Patient Information

A new standard on electronic transmission of patient information will help ensure that registrants and their staff take appropriate precautions to prevent compromise of patient confidentiality when medical records or other sensitive information belonging to or relating to patients is transmitted electronically. Read the new standard.

June 4, 2016               Laser Instrument and Safety Rules Revised

The Laser Instrument and Safety Rules (Laser Safety Standards) have been augmented to set out the duties of the positions involved in service delivery: the Podiatric Medical Director, Laser User and Laser Operator.  Responsibilities include relevant training for podiatrists and staff, and appropriate in-clinic protocols and practices. Read the revised rules and their Appendix.

March 19, 2016         A New Mission Statement for the College

The Board adopted a new mission statement: “Protecting the public’s right to excellence in podiatric medicine and surgery”.  The new wording conveys more clearly what the terms ‘regulator’ and ‘quality assurance’ mean for the public who is served by the podiatric profession.

March 19, 2016         Practice Facility Standards Adopted

The Board approved new Practice Facility Standards developed by the Quality Assurance Committee. The new standards mark a significant step forward for the College, which must have measures in place that ensure safe and effective practice by BC podiatrists. See the current Practice Facility Standards.

March 19, 2016         Complementary and Alternative Modalities Policy Adopted

The Board approved a new policy on the practice of Complementary and Alternative Modalities (“CAM”).   This document is to be read in adjunct with the Practice Facility Standards.  Registrants who include CAM modalities must adhere to the guidelines. See the CAM Guidelines.

March 19, 2016         New Practice Standard: After Hours Coverage

The Board has adopted a revised After Hours Coverage Standard.  This policy assists registrants to understand and meet their professional obligation to ensure that patients have adequate access to care when their regular podiatrist is not available.  The underlying interest is to ensure that patient safety is not compromised.  See the new standard.

January 23, 2016      Laser Safety Rules Amended re Registered Nurses

The Board has amended the College policies surrounding laser to expressly permit delegation of laser for the purpose of destroying tissue to registered nurses.  This brings the College policies into line with regulations under the Health Professions Act that permit RNs to apply laser to destroy tissue upon the order of a podiatrist. Read more.

Sept. 21, 2015            BCHR Campaign Aimed at Illegal Practice

The BC Health Regulators have launched a new public relations campaign aimed at unauthorized practice by unregistered persons; ‘Saying you are one doesn’t make you one’.  See more.

May 23, 2015             Foot Care Instruments Sterilization Standards Amended

The College’s Foot Care Instruments Sterilization Standards are amended to help ensure currency with standards expected of the health professions.  See the current Standards.